How To Draw A Car!

by Sketch on April 25, 2012

draw a simple car

This is the car you will draw!

I am going to show you how to draw a car step by step, and I am talking about pretty cool car, although a bit simple. But I think you’ll like it.

I created this car drawing tutorial for the beginner or just for kids. And like most of my tutorials it sets the foundation for your drawing skills.

I also have a guide on how to draw a motorcycle too. Many others are on the way…

Let’s learn how to draw a car shall we?

Step 1: Begin by making a big rectangle for the car and divide it into four equal parts.

step 1 how to draw a car
Step 2: Make three circles, one inside the other. These will form the wheels. Make another small circle in the center of the wheels. Now draw lines to form the rim as shown.
step 2 how to draw a car
Step 3: Now start sketching the outer shape of the car starting from the front to the roof and the to hood and trunk of the car.

step 3 how to draw a car
Step 4: Draw windows,fog lights ,driver side mirror and rear lights as shown.

step 4 how to draw a car
Step 5: Erase all the guideline and the car is ready to color. Color it using any shades from your color palette.
step 5 how to draw a car

Good Job! I am sure your car looks great. Did it take you a few practice runs? If it did that is totally normal.

Many beginners take at least a dozen different shots at this car drawing tutorial. Now that you completed this one, why not try something a little bit more advanced like a dragon?

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